THE BASIC SHADOW TYPES TRAINING – Do this online training and get a fundamental understanding of the twelve Shadow Types and start to practice explaining them to others. – More Details

THE ADVANCED SHADOW TYPES TRAINING – Learn about the Loops and the dynamic relationships between the twelve Shadow Types and identify the best Process Pathways for any particular Type of issue. – More Details

THE TRANSITIONS TRAINING – This online training gives you an in-depth understanding of the twelve Transitions, and the best way to facilitate them. Along with the ability to explaining them to others. – More Details

THE SW APPLIED PROCESS PATHWAYS TRAINING – Practice applying your Shadow Work and Shadow Types training to the facilitation of all twelve Process Pathways, with live mentoring support. – More Details

SHADOW WORK ORGANIZATIONAL CONSULTANTS TRAINING PROGRAM – Receive training and mentoring in the application of Shadow Work and Shadow Types in any organisation – More Details


The Shadow Types Visual Graphic



THE SHADOW TRAITS, TYPES & PROFILES TRAINING, Level 1 – In this first Shadow Types Training, we focus on the 12 Shadow Traits that are at the basis of the Shadow Types. – More Details

THE SHADOW TRAITS, TYPES & PROFILES TRAINING, Level 2 – This training builds on Part 1 by exploring the process through which we form our personality around the 12 Shadow Traits. – More Details

The Shadow Types training has given me the ability to understand at a deep level why people (including myself!) are the way they are. I now have, as a result, more compassion for myself and others, both in my personal and professional life. I highly recommend this training for anyone who ponders the question, ‘what makes us tick?’

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