This live webinar series will give you:

  • a fundamental understanding of each of the twelve Transitions.
  • the capacity to understand and interpret someone’s Transition preferences.
  • a detailed awareness of the risks we face when making each Transition.
  • the ability to identify the best tools for supporting someone to Transition.
  • a deeper understanding of the application of those facilitation tools.


Why do this training? What’s in it for me?

Gaining access to this knowledge and understanding will increase your capacity to work with all kinds of shadows and enable you to provide a smoother more flowing coaching or facilitation experience for your clients

What is new about this training?

The Shadow Work® model has evolved considerably in recent years. We have identified the Loops running between each of the four archetypes and more recently we have identified the Transitions involved in running/cycling each of the Loops.

These new dimensions of the Shadow Work model give access to an even more efficient approach to working with any shadow. You can see finer details and thus perceive the best way to work with any kind of shadow.


What will the training look like?

This training is an online course, using Zoom video meetings for the live discussion sessions. The training consists of eight 2 hour long training sessions.

The training will run for about eight weeks. The class dates and times will be arranged to suit the availability, and mix of time zones, of those who are registered for the course.

You will receive your own copy of the Shadow Work Transitions Manual, which outlines in detail each of the twelve Transitions. Throughout the training we will use this manual to explore different applications of each of the Transitions.

Are there any pre-requisites?

The minimum pre-requisite for this course is to have completed a Shadow Work process either as part of a Shadow Work weekend or a Shadow Work Coaching Session. Alternatively, you may fulfill the pre-requisite through one of the other trainings that offer Shadow-Work-type of processing (for example: MKP, Woman Revealed, Woman Within, Liminal, Soul Beauty, Woman in Power, Inner King Training, the Crucible Project, etc.).

Although it is not a pre-requisite for this training, a knowledge of Shadow Work coaching or group facilitation will help increase your understanding of this technology. It will also greatly enhance your ability to be able to apply it.

Why do it now?

This is the latest and most ‘leading edge’ training we offer. If you would like to be at the forefront of the Shadow Work and Shadow Types technology, this is the training for you. Be one of the first to learn and start using this new wisdom.

Also, in recognition of the challenging and uncertain times we are living in, we are offering a 15% discount on this training, reducing the tuition from £1,300 ($1625USD) down to £1105 ($1382USD).

In addition, if you register before March 1st, you will receive an additional £100 ‘Early Bird’ discount, bringing the cost down to only £1005 ($1256USD)!

For further details or to register please contact us at:

(Some couples discounts and payment plans available upon request)

(Please note that all the course tuitions are charged in Pounds Sterling. All US Dollar amounts are only estimates, based on the exchange rate at the time of publishing.)

The Facilitators:

Cliff Barry is the Founder of Shadow Work®. He designed the Shadow Work Processes and is the creator of the Shadow Work Trainings (with lots of help from wonderful partners). Since 1988, his focus has been to train facilitators, coaches and mentors. He has been a leading voice in the development of the Shadow Work program as it has grown in the world.

Mark Broderick is a Certified Shadow Work® Coach, Group Facilitator, Shadow Types Educator and Organisational Consultant. Since 2011, he has been working (with Cliff Barry and others) on expanding and evolving the Shadow Work® model for new applications in both personal and corporate environments. Based in the UK, Mark also works with individuals and organisations in Europe, the United States, Singapore, Australia and Russia.

Are there more trainings on this subject?

Yes. The Transitions Training is a stand alone course. There are also the Basic Shadow Types Training and the Advanced ST Loops and Pathways Training, which compliment this training. All three of these trainings are the pre-requisites for both the senior trainings: the Shadow Work Applied Process Pathways Training (for Shadow Work facilitators and coaches) and the Shadow Work Organizational Consultant’s Training.

For further details on these other trainings please contact us at:

Shadow Types Image

A training led by Clifford Barry

and Mark A. N. Broderick

We invite you to watch a video recording of our introductory webinar about the Transitions training – Please Click Here.

Thank you so much for creating and sending me my Transitions assessment.  I’ve spent some time looking this over and it makes a lot of sense.  I really appreciated the idea of using the other (stronger) quadrants/loops as “a detour” to get to where I want to go, when the most direct route is blocked.  Walking through this “detour” was really insightful for me, it almost brought me to tears.  I can imagine using this mini-process for myself whenever I feel the pull between Imaginative and Pragmatic.  This tool will be helpful for many!
C Johnson