The Affecter

Affecting refers, in part, to the ability to present ourselves in a way that will create a desired impression on others. Image management or putting our best foot forward to make a good first impression are examples of affecting. In addition, affecting includes the ability to act as if we are or can do something that may not be the case. On the down side, con-men are expert affecters. On the up side, by putting up a show of confidence, we can stretch ourselves to be or do something beyond what we had known before. To “fake it till you make it” and to “put on a happy face” are both examples of affecting.

People who score highly on the Affecter type usually have a deep concern about how they are perceived by others. They often strive to impress others, especially with their capabilities and achievements. Not surprisingly, therefore, the typical Affecter is impressive. He or she is likely to be exceptionally competent and accomplished. In addition, Affecters typically have a keen sense of mission.

Affecters tend to be goal oriented and highly motivated to achieve their goals. They are usually hard workers and can be found working day and night, as if married to their job. Moreover, in their work as well as in their hobbies, they typically strive for excellence. In turn, their efforts are commonly rewarded with praise and recognition from others. These rewards of acknowledgement are generally so valuable to them that Affecters frequently rise to challenges as more opportunities to prove themselves.

People whose primary type is the Affecter usually carry the core sovereign wound of believing that they aren’t good enough as they are. To cope with this wounding belief, the strategy that Affecters tend to follow is to attempt to earn people’s love and respect by going all out to show that they are, in fact, good enough. Consequently, Affecters tend to be driven by a need to look good. Yet because of the nagging inner doubt that they aren’t really good enough, they have to keep trying harder to prove themselves, which might be through achieving more, giving more, improving themselves more, or in some other way proving themselves to the world.

For people whose primary type is the Affecter type, the lover archetype is their kryptonite and therefore likely to be in shadow. Thus, the final step on their pathway will be into the lover. To make that step, what they usually need is to accept and appreciate their vulnerable parts in order to recognize that they already are good enough, just as they are.

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