The Releaser

To release is to let go of something, like letting go of a ball we’ve been holding onto or tears we’ve been holding in. In the context of Shadow Types, releasing means allowing whatever we’re thinking or feeling at the moment to flow out through us spontaneously, such as acting on our impulses, speaking out what is on our mind, and expressing our emotions, even to the point of catharsis.

People who score highly on the Releaser type readily let their inner experiences, that is, their emotions and physical sensations, to flow through them into outward expression. In other words, rather than hold themselves back, they tend to be spontaneous and expressive. As a result, they tend to be creative and individualistic. They can seem highly emotional compared to other people and are likely to draw attention to themselves in a group.

People whose primary type is the Releaser usually carry the core wound that deep down, they are not a loving person. To compensate, they seek to prove that they can love by acting in ways that look loving to them, such as being emotional and expressive.

For people whose primary type is the Releaser, the magician archetype is their kryptonite and therefore likely to be in shadow. Thus, the final step on the pathway for these people is likely to be into their magician. To take this step, they usually need the magician’s ability to stand back and get perspective on their emotions, rather than remaining immersed in their subjective experiences.

Moreover, because tend to be highly individualistic and to follow their own inner promptings, they need to see the value in the accumulated wisdom of the ages that is stored in the magician archetype.

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