APRO Dynamics

Shadow Types For Teams & Organisations

When using the Shadow Types technology in an organisational setting, we have found it beneficial to re-name the Archetypes.  We have found that for some people, the myths-poetic terminology used in the names of the Shadow Work Archetypes, can create a reluctance to engage with the model. Therefore the Archetypal energies have be re-named, based on what they fundamentally provide, within an organisational context. That is to say, what the Magician provides is Awareness, the Sovereign provides Positivity, the Warrior provides Results, and the Lover provides Openness. Therefore, when working with organisations, we usually call it the APRO model.

The dynamic nature in which this model can be applied to individual leaders, whole teams and even to whole organisations, has led to the technology being more commonly know as ‘APRO Dynamics’. This is further re-enforced by the fact that it is, some what uniquely, able to explain the root cause of people’s different behavioural preferences. Thus providing a detailed analysis, from which to identify the appropriate Transformation Pathway, that will resolve your individual issue, or complex organisational dilemma, in the most effective, often counter-intuitive, way.

If you would like to learn a little bit more about this dynamic model, please click here, for some brief descriptions of each of the Shadow Types, as they show up in an organisational setting.

I you require a more detailed explanation of the Types and how they may apply to you, your team, or your organisation, please contact on our our certified Consultants.






The Shadow Types model and training is unique.  It has helped to simplify what may seem complicated in terms of understanding myself and others.  The ST model is a game changer.  On a personal level, the ST model has given me great clarity in understanding all the parts of myself (why I do what I do and why I do what I don’t want to do).   The training process is exemplary.  It helped me see different ways for helping people to process the “stuff” in their lives that keeps them stuck (including myself), then offer steps toward healing and becoming who they truly were wired to be.  I strongly recommend this training and model to anyone who wants to grow and transform personally at a deeper level or who may be in a position to guide others in growing their soul!


Company President