The Shadow Types survey is a leading edge development of the internationally renowned Shadow Work® model. It is a tool created for certified Shadow Work® organisational consultants, group facilitators, coaches and Shadow Types Practitioners to use when working with their clients.

The survey is a form of behavioural assessment that is focused on identifying the shadows of the individual, group or organisation being assessed.

The Shadow Work® model has made a quantum leap in the last few years. We have broken each of the four archetypes down into three subdivisions, so that we can now see shadows in “twelves” instead of just seeing in “fours.” This means that you can learn to identify 12 distinct shadows and see through the lens of “twelves.” This puts a finer point on your perception of the four archetypes. You will go from seeing in “fours” to seeing in “twelves.”

A more recent enhancement of the Shadow Work model comes from the latest research in genetics and how those genetics shape our behavior. As a result, each of the four archetypes is now associated with one of the four big genetic predispositions. And each of the 12 Shadow Types is a combination of these genetic predispositions.

The new dimensions of the model don’t contradict the idea of there being four main shadows in the four directions. It just refines your definition of those shadows. You might say that Shadow Work has gone “High Definition.” The new model offers better resolution, so that you can see finer details and thus deepens your ability to understand your shadows.




Shadow Types Image


Your High Shadow Types

Your Low Shadow Types

Your Loops Preferences

And Why You Chose Them!



All of our Shadow Types Practitioners are licensed to use the online Shadow Types survey, so if you wish to take the full online survey you just need to select your preferred Practitioner and then contact them about doing the survey. To find your practitioner Click Here

If you just want to get a taste, you can also purchase a sample version of the Shadow Types online survey. This low cost survey option will only give you an overview of your Shadow Types preferences, however it will provide you with a useful, introductory, experience of the full survey and how it will describe in detail your main shadows and behaviour patterns.  Book Now

If you find the results of this sample survey interesting, you will then need to contact one of our Shadow Types Practitioners, to get access to a more detailed interpretation of your survey results.

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