The Idealizer

Idealizing refers to our capacity to envision something new that has not existed before, and specifically, to anticipate something good in the future, such as a dream for our life or a vision of possibilities for how the world could be better. Idealizing also refers to our ability to see someone or something in the best possible light, as when lovers see their beloved as perfect.

People with high Idealizer scores are likely to see the world as full of opportunities and to have an active, creative mind that readily generates new ideas for how things could be. Typically, they can easily imagine how to make the world as a better place, and so they often feel a strong desire to contribute to the world and to take a leadership role in doing so. Idealizers also tend to be lively and versatile, with a bright, shining, optimistic personality. By nature, they gravitate toward looking at the sunny side of life, seeing the cup as half full. By the same token, they may resist looking at problems or dealing with negative emotions. Instead, they are more likely to stay up, where they can be inspired as well as inspire others to consider the positive elements in themselves and their circumstances.

People whose primary type is the Idealizer tend to have taken in the message that they aren’t good enough as they are. Therefore, in order to be good enough, they compensate by striving to be better than they naturally are. Similarly, they tend to perceive everything or everyone they are involved in an elevated light as well. Furthermore, Idealizers often feel compelled to keep expanding into bigger and better ideas, to create new and grander visions, and to see life in ideal terms.

For people whose primary type is the Idealizer, the warrior archetype is their kryptonite and therefore likely to be in shadow. Thus, the final step on their pathway will be the warrior. To make that step, what they usually need is to discover the joy in developing their ability to set boundaries around their tendency to expand continually and, through their warrior energy, to protect their own freedom as well as their vulnerability.

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