The Fosterer

To foster something is to cultivate it and to promote its growth, such as a mother who nurtures her child or a teacher who helps students to learn. When we help others in some way, whether through giving material assistance or emotional support, we are fostering. Fostering empowers people and provides both warmth and support. It establishes relationships based on giving to other people and helping them.

People who score highly on the Fosterer type usually like to help others and are instinctively drawn to taking care of those in need. Moreover, they seem to have an almost uncanny ability to play the role of big Mom or big Dad for just about anyone. In response, other people are frequently drawn to them for the warmth and nourishing support they offer. As a result, Fosterers are often chosen for positions of leadership, especially when the position involves taking responsibility for others.

People whose primary type is the Fosterer usually carry the core sovereign wound of believing that they aren’t good enough as they are. To cope with this wounding belief, the strategy that Fosterers tend to follow is to try to give enough in the hopes of being enough. Specifically, they tend to take of others and to give more and more and more, usually without perceiving other peoples’ shortcomings.

For people whose primary type is the Fosterer, magician energy is their kryptonite and therefore likely to be in shadow. Thus, the final step on their pathway will be into the magician. To make that step, what Fosterers usually need to develop is their ability to see the negative sides of people so that they can learn to give appropriately, that is, to give in the most beneficial way for both themselves and others.

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