This online training will give you:

  • a fundamental understanding of the twelve Shadow Types.
  • the ability to use the Basic Shadow Types Survey, so that you can more scientifically “type” people and explain their results to them (this makes a good introduction for coaching clients)
  • an understanding of the scientific drivers behind the four archetypes and how these interact to form the 12 Shadow Types.

Why do this training? What’s in it for me?

Gaining access to this knowledge and understanding will increase your capacity to work with the shadow in any field, including any organizational setting.

The Shadow Work® model has made a quantum leap in the last few years. We have broken each of the four archetypes down into three subdivisions, so that we can now see shadows in “twelves” instead of just seeing in “fours.” This means that you can learn to identify 12 distinct shadows and see through the lens of “twelves.” This puts a finer point on your perception of the four archetypes. You will go from seeing in “fours” to seeing in “twelves.”

A more recent enhancement of the Shadow Work model comes from the latest research in genetics and how those genetics shape our behavior. As a result, each of the four archetypes is now associated with one of the four big genetic predispositions. And each of the 12 Shadow Types is a combination of these genetic predispositions.

The new dimensions of the model don’t contradict the idea of there being four main shadows in the four directions. It just refines your definition of those shadows. You might say that Shadow Work has gone “High Definition.” The new model offers better resolution, so that you can see finer details and thus deepens your ability to perceive shadows

What will the training look like?

This training is an online course, using Zoom video meetings for the live discussion sessions. The training consists of several hours of video presentations, along with five live discussion sessions. The training will run for five to six weeks. The class dates and times will be arranged to suit the availability, and mix of time zones, of those who are registered for the course.

You will receive your own copy of the Basic Shadow Types Manual, which outlines in detail each of the twelve Shadow Types. Throughout the training we will use this manual and explore different examples of each of the Types.

Are there any pre-requisites?

The pre-requisite for this course is to have completed a Shadow Work process either as part of a Shadow Work weekend or a Shadow Work Coaching Session. Alternatively, you may fulfill the pre-requisite through one of the other trainings that offer Shadow-Work-type of processing (for example: MKP, Woman Revealed, Woman Within, Liminal, Soul Beauty, Woman in Power, Inner King Training, the Crucible Project, etc.).

Why do it now?

Due to the challenging and uncertain times we are still living in, we have already slashed the price of this training by 15%, from £1,250 ($1562USD) down to £1,062 ($1325USD), as well as upgrading it to include giving you access to use of the Basic Shadow Types Survey.

Now we are offering this intensive version of this online training with an additional £150 discount, bringing the cost down to only £912 ($1140USD)!

Register by February 29th and receive an additional £40 ‘Leap Year’ discount, bringing it down to only £872 ($1090USD)!

For further details or to register please contact us at:

(Please note that all the course tuitions are charged in Pounds Sterling. All US Dollar amounts are only estimates, based on the exchange rate at the time of publishing.)

The Facilitators:

Mark Broderick is a Certified Shadow Work® Coach, Group Facilitator, Shadow Types Educator and Organisational Consultant. Since 2011, he has been working (with Cliff Barry and others) on expanding and evolving the Shadow Work® model for new applications in both personal and corporate environments. Based in the UK, Mark also works with individuals and organisations in Europe, the United States, Singapore, Australia and Russia.

Cliff Barry is the Founder of Shadow Work®. He designed the Shadow Work Processes and is the creator of the Shadow Work Trainings (with lots of help from wonderful partners). Since 1988, his focus has been to train facilitators, coaches and mentors. He has been a leading voice in the development of the Shadow Work program as it has grown in the world.

Are there more trainings on this subject?

Yes. While the Basic Shadow Types training is a stand alone course, it is also the prerequisite for the Advanced Shadow Types, Loops and Pathways Training, which in turn is the prerequisite for the ‘Shadow Types Practitioner” Certification Program and also for both the Shadow Work Applied Process Pathways Training (for Shadow Work facilitators and coaches) and the Shadow Work Organizational Consultant’s Training.

For further details on these other trainings please contact us at:

Shadow Types Image

A training led by Mark A. N. Broderick

and featuring Clifford Barry

The Shadow Types training has given me the ability to understand at a deep level why people (including myself!) are the way they are. I now have, as a result, more compassion for myself and others, both in my personal and professional life. I highly recommend this training for anyone who ponders the question, ‘what makes us tick?’

Medical Doctor

The Shadow Types model and training is unique.  It has helped to simplify what may seem complicated in terms of understanding myself and others.  The ST model is a game changer.  On a personal level, the ST model has given me great clarity in understanding all the parts of myself (why I do what I do and why I do what I don’t want to do).   The training process is exemplary.  It helped me see different ways for helping people to process the “stuff” in their lives that keeps them stuck (including myself), then offer steps toward healing and becoming who they truly were wired to be.  I strongly recommend this training and model to anyone who wants to grow and transform personally at a deeper level or who may be in a position to guide others in growing their soul!


Managing Director