Positive energy is optimistic. Your Positivity sees the sunny side of life, in contrast to your Awareness, which can see the down side. From your Positivity, you will naturally assume that life is good –– that people are good ¬¬–– and that you are good, too. Your Positivity happily trusts that everything will work out fine. It’s the part of you which believes in spiritual things, like a Higher Power or true love, or the perfection of nature’s laws.

Your Positivity will lead you to dream about the best possibilities –– the most exciting opportunities. It will motivate you to go on Quests. It will urge you to take leadership. From your Positivity you will give generously to others because giving makes you feel like a good person.

We sometimes use the term “Sovereign” for your Positivity because the archetypal figure of a King or Queen embodies the characteristics of Positivity very well. Anyone who is a leader must embody some Positivity, because it’s the leader’s job to inspire the followers. It’s the leader’s job to create the vision for a Quest, and then to show the way by Positively personifying that Quest so others will be motivated to help bring that Quest into reality. It is also the leader’s role to support the followers by giving things like encouragement, acknowledgement and providing the resources to get things done. Giving is a very Positive act.