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In Shadow Types Coaching, a Certified Shadow Types Coach looks at the personal profile that emerges through your survey results.  The results themselves are presented as numbers that were calculated statistically, so they don’t convey much meaning to most people. Shadow Types Coaches have been trained how to analyze these numbers and then explain them in a meaningful way for you to gain a wealth of useful information about yourself. Your coach will highlight the parts of yourself that you have developed most fully and point out those parts which you have neglected, or ‘put into shadow.’ Your coach will also identify the key dynamics that play out in various areas of your life and thereby give you valuable insight into common patterns that you face in your life. In addition, you will be given some practical suggestions for how to move forward to attain your own goals for yourself.


Cindy Vargas is a Certified Shadow Types® Coach, Certified Shadow Work® Group Facilitator, Certified Shadow Work® Coach, and an English teacher in Phoenix, Arizona.

Cindy has designed and co-led over 30 different weekend/week-long intensives and is co-creator of the Soul Beauty weekend for women. Cindy offers Shadow Work® Coaching to individuals seeking significant change and growth.

Raised in Bolivia by American parents, Cindy is fluent in Spanish and has translated Shadow Work® training materials. As a teacher, writer, and life coach, Cindy has facilitated learning for more than 25 years. She participated and mentored leader training in LifeJourney Circle groups and completed the training in facilitation with Open Hearts. She also spent years as a massage therapist, learning to understand the language of the body.

Phoenix, AZ, USA
Debbie Holcomb is a Certified Shadow Types® Coach, Certified Shadow Work® Facilitator, and Certified Shadow Work® Coach. Debbie co-founded Gracing Experience in 2005, where she continues to work, promoting emotional and spiritual growth through individual coaching and group workshops. She is also co-founder of the Woman Revealed weekend for Christian women, in operation since 2006.



Rockford, IL
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Karin Green brings her vast experiential knowledge of Shadow Work to create a safe, nurturing space for deep healing and transformation. She’s motivated to empower you to overcome fears, make lasting changes, and create a positive impact in your life. She is a Certified Shadow Work/Types Coach, Group Facilitator and Trainer, and has been facilitating transformation though Shadow Work since 2010. Karin is also a Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP (NeuroLinguistic Programming) and enjoys being a conduit for her coaching clients in transforming their shadows, resistance, and limiting belifes and assist them on their way to a joyful and fulfilling life. Karin also offers transformational weekend workshops all over the US and is one of the founders of The Dragon Training.

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Kimberlyn (Holcomb) Freudenberg is a Certified Shadow Types Coach with a B.A. in history and classical studies. As the daughter of Debbie Holcomb, Kimberlyn has been studying Shadow Types for over a decade. She has assisted Debbie in Shadow Types and Shadow Work courses for many years and has started taking a leadership role in the Women Revealed community. Kimberlyn has begun her own Shadow Types practice and, in collaboration with Julie Mandarino, has expanded Shadow Types coaching to include couples, including development of the Relationship Surveys. Kimberlyn is currently on track to become a certified Shadow Work Facilitator, having completed Shadow Work Basic and Advanced Facilitator training. 


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Rockford, Illinois


Katie Chiaravolloti is a Certified Shadow Types™ Practitioner, an Emotional Baggage Handler, a Certified Reflexologist, and a Certified Firewalk Instructor with a focus on how the stories we tell ourselves connect to the mind and body. Katie completed her Basic and Advanced Facilitator Trainings for Shadow Work™ and is on a path toward becoming a Certified Facilitator and Coach of Shadow Work™. Katie has studied with Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés for four years at her in-person, five-day facilitator educational trainings, ALisa Starkweather, visionary and creatrix behind the Red Tent Temple Movement, Women In Power, and Priestess Path, and Ann Sousa, initiated elder of the West African Dagara Tradition. Katie has been working with clients both one on one and in co-created circles since 2009. She loves gathering folks to dive deep, unearth, and rewrite the personal narrative.

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