APRO Dynamics – Shadow Types For Teams & Organisations


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APRO Dynamics is an adaptation of the Shadow Types for application in an Organisational setting. The mythopoetic terms used for the Archetypes that require at least some understanding of Shadow Work, have been replaced by more recognisable names. These names are based on what each archetype tends to provide; Magician provides Awareness, Sovereign provides Positivity, Warrior provides Results and Lover provides Openness.

This is where we transfer to the workplace what we’ve learned over the years working in the personal growth arena. We believe that the gold you have found in your shadow can expand your professional capacities, just as it does your personal potential. Many of you may have wanted to transfer what you got on the carpet to the job. We have now found ways for you to do exactly that.

We have developed a whole system for working with organizations, using the tools we learned on the carpet.

Maybe you just want to increase your personal effectiveness at work. Or maybe you want to increase the effectiveness of your team, business or other organization. Either way, we can now offer you the right coaching, tools and training.

Taking it one step further, we’ve mapped the dynamics that can occur in any organizational system. Using the same four archetypes we use on the carpet, we have outlined the most common dilemmas and Oppositional positions found in all organizations. And just like our processes for the carpet, we have devised step-by-step processes for guiding any organization or team from point A to point B.

We can help you target specific work-related challenges in your organization. We can show you how to type those challenges onto a grid of the 12 most common problems. We can show the first, second, third and fourth steps to take in helping any team of people walk incrementally from where they are strong to where they are weak. And our strategies have been proven over decades of working with individuals on the corresponding challenges and problems.

We have created a structured, straightforward system for understanding human motivation and personality, as well as individual and collective behavior patterns. Applied in the workplace it can help you understand the psychological “circuitry” which governs the decisions you and others make, and therefore determines the course of your organization.

In the pages that follow, you will find a full description of Shadow Work® for Businesses and Organizations. We hope you will investigate the possibilities for some work with us — either for yourself, or for your team or organization.

OLD: If you are in the helping or healing profession, the Shadow Types trainings will give you a powerful set of tools and knowledge for taking your work to a new, more powerful level.

The Shadow Types system paints 3-dimensional portraits of 12 main personality types. Each portrait reveals a particular pattern of wounding experiences and traces how the personality formed around this core wounding. It also shows how this type of person typically reacts to stress and what kinds of challenges they are likely to face in their daily life. In the Shadow Types course, you will not only study these 12 portraits, but you will also learn the specific sequence of steps for guiding your clients from where they currently are to where they want to be.

In knowing the Shadow Types, you will also have a secret key for understanding the different kinds of people in a group, which will enhance your skills for helping participants function together smoothly and effectively.

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As a professional you may also want to learn how to use and interpret the Shadow Types survey. This will enable you to use the Shadow Types model with your clients and thus help them to understand themselves, in a whole new way.

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In order to be able to administer the Shadow Types survey, you will need to get certified as a Shadow Types Practitioner.

To find out more about becoming a certified Shadow Types Practitioner please contact: mark@markanbroderick.com