Mark A. N. Broderick

In addition to being a Certified Shadow Types Mentor, Trainer and Senior Practitioner, Mark is also a Certified Shadow Work® Coach, Group Facilitator and Organisational Consultant. Mark has studied several coaching and facilitating disciplines in addition to Shadow Types and Shadow Work® as part of his commitment to provide extraordinary experiences for his customers. He is committed to everyone experiencing as rich and joyful an experience of being alive as is possible and has found Shadow Types and Shadow Work® to be a powerful tool in fulfilling this commitment.

Mark discovered Shadow Types through his participation in Shadow Work® which in turn he came across through his work with the ManKind Project’s New Warrior Training Adventure (NWTA) which he did in 2001. He first participated in Shadow Work® in 2003 and began training as a coach and facilitator in 2005. Mark has been providing Shadow Work® coaching since his certification in 2008 and leading Shadow Work® weekends since he certified as a group facilitator in 2011. He started using the Shadow Types system after attending a training in 2012 and it soon became an integral part of his coaching, facilitation and organisational consulting. He is now a co-owner of Shadow Work Licensing, LLC, and continues to develop new trainings and applications of this technology.

Primarily based in London and the UK, Mark also facilitates Shadow Types and Shadow Work® in Europe, the United States, Dubai, Singapore and Russia, and he is open to exploring further opportunities to provide Shadow Types and his coaching and facilitation skills in other international locations.

Mark is a highly intuitive professional, with many years of experience in delivering coaching, training and group facilitation to corporate, non-profit and academic organisations. He is a talented manager and team player, with a calm focused leadership style, powerful listening and communication skills, a passion for developing those around him, and a natural ability to see and provide what’s missing.

In addition to Shadow Types and Shadow Work® coaching and facilitation, as an organisational consultant Mark works with individuals, groups and organisations in the following areas:

  • Innovation and organisational change
  • Leader development
  • Team development
  • Cross functional communications
  • Creative thinking
  • Personal Performance
  • Relationships

Telephone: +44 78 01 986 916


“There is no doubt that Mark’s coaching has led to increased productivity for the business.  My improved ability to provide leadership and to empower my team has not only resulted in more content and productive people, it has also meant I can shift my focus to new and different aspects of the business and cause results in those areas.”
K. Anders

Accounts Director, WRG Creative Communication Ltd.

“Your coaching wasn’t OK, it was outstanding. I have been coached by a number of different exceptional coaches in the past and yet what you seemed to do was to be an amalgam of the best — like a true master.”
M. Watkins

CEO, Natural Assets Ltd