Shadow Types Support Self Development

If you are the kind of person who is drawn to deep, inner transformation and self-understanding, taking the Shadow Types course will be like pushing down on the accelerator of your personal development.

The Shadow Types system reveals the core wounding patterns that drive much of our thinking, feeling and behavior, as if on auto pilot. The Shadow Types system also illuminates those shameful beliefs we’ve formed about ourselves—all lies!—and the shameful parts of ourselves that we try to hide, or put in shadow. These insights into our psychological dynamics prepare us to make considerable progress on our journey of personal growth work.

We become better able to:
(1) Transform our shame into a healthy reintegration of the lost parts of ourselves
(2) Discover new possibilities for acting under stress in constructive ways instead of our old, reactive ways that aggravated the situation, as if we had been backed into a corner and had no choice but to fight for our lives.
(3) Establish a healthy, balanced life of awareness, joy, power, and connection.

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