Shadow Types Can Improve Your Social Interactions

If you are someone who wants to understand people better and connect with them more intimately, taking the Shadow Types course will help you tremendously.

When we feel awkward around other people or find that we aren’t connecting as much as we want, the reason is often that we don’t understand them well enough. Instead, we tend to have distorted ideas about what they are like, maybe seeing them as much better than we are or else thinking that they aren’t as good as us.

In the Shadow Types course, you will get to know different kinds of people—really know them. What makes them tick. Why they do what they do. How you can best relate to them. You will learn what their secret needs and fears are. Once you’ve seen other peoples’ vulnerability, you naturally feel more at ease with them. And once you see their strong points and unique gifts, you appreciate them more and reflect your appreciation back to them—which, of course, endears them all the more to you.

As you understand people better (yourself included!), you will find yourself relating to them more easily and enjoying richer relationships.

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