Shadow Traits, Types, and Profiles, 1, Rockford, IL

Rockford, Illinois Rockford, IL

Shadow Traits, Types & Profiles, 1 This training provides an in-depth understanding of the 12 Shadow Traits that form the basis of our Shadow Types personality and profile. Learning these […]



Rockford, Illinois Rockford, IL

SHADOW TYPES TRAINING, Level 1 In level 1 of the Shadow Types Training, we focus on the 12 Shadow Traits that are at the basis of the Shadow Types. Each participant will form their own, unique Shadow Profile based on their particular combination of the 12 Shadow Traits. This training is open to everyone, regardless […]


Introducing The SW Applied Process Pathways Training

You are invited to a free (two-hour-long) webinar about the new Shadow Work Applied Process Pathways training (“SWAPP”), Led by Cliff Barry and Mark Broderick. During this webinar we will […]

The Basic Shadow Types Online Training

via Zoom

This intensive online training will give you: a fundamental understanding of the twelve Shadow Types. The ability to use the Basic Shadow Types Survey, so that you can more scientifically “type” […]